Call for Papers


Original research papers from Research Scholars, Academicians, Scientists etc., in the field of Mathematics, Statistics , Computer Sciences branches and disciplines related to Mathematical Sciences are invited for presentation at the Conference.


Broad Areas of disciplines include :


Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Application Oriented Mathematics Pure & Applied Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, etc.,

The interest areas of the conference include but are not limited to:


Submission of Papers


Participants intending to present and/ or publish papers before the Conference are requested to submit soft copy of the Full papers (neatly typed in MS word format with 1.15 line spacing 12 point Times New Roman font on A-4 size paper) incorporating the motivation, method of solution and important findings of their investigation to

Note : Participants who are not intrested in publication may submit only abstract.

ICM 2017


International Conference on Mathematics 2017 ( ICM 2017 ) is one of the largest conference in the Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Sciences Community. It is held every year under the encouragement of  IMRF in collaboration with different universities & educational institutions. 


The Conference is designed with Special Invited Research Lectures, Paper-Presentations and Poster Presentations. Every International Conference on Mathematics  2017 is honored by bringing peer reviewed Mathematical Sciences International Research Journal Vol 6 Issue 2 with ISSN 2278 - 8697  with all Peer Reviewed Conference accepted papers intended to reflect the pioneering state of the Mathematics research. 


The Organizers will also arrange special events such as non-technical talks connected with promotion of research in the said subjects as well as cultural programmes & ecotourism. 

Theme of the Conference:


The conference aims to provide a timely forum for the exchange and dissemination of new avenues and technologies in Mathematics and its allied fields.The conference is sure to meliorate the knowledge of the delegates through its invited lectures and paper presentations.

We invite the delegates to be a part of this active learning process to establish future collaborations and research relationships internationally.  

Track 1 Mathematics

1) Nonlinear differential equation
2) Nonlinear Integral equation
3) Nonlinear Integro-differential equation
4) Functions analysis Topology
5) Coding theory
6) Integral Transform
7) Industrial Mathematics
8) Finance Mathematics
9) Modeling and Simulation
10) Real Analysis
11) Optimization Technique
12) Graph Theory
13) Functional Analysis
14) Topology

Applied Algebra & Its Applications

  • Number Theory

  • Algebra

  • Cryptography

  • Group Theory


Analysis & Its Applications

  • Algebra & Mathematical Logic

  • Functional Analysis

  • Set Theory

  • Matrix Theory

  • Approximation Theory

Geometry & Its Applications

  • Geometry

  • Topology

  • Algebraic Geometry

  • Game Theory

  • Differential Geometry

  • Fractals


Applied Mathematics & Modeling

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Mathematical Computational Techniques

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Differential Equations (ODEs and PDEs)

  • Mathematical Physics

  • Dynamical System & Chaos

  • Educational Mathematics

Statistics & Its Applications

  • Stochastic Systems

  • Statistics

  • Operations Research

  • Optimization

  • Linear and Nonlinear Programming

  • Probability

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Actuarial Mathematics